The Swedish Poker Boom: From Illicit Activities to a Popular Sport

Poker has increased in popularity in Sweden over the past few years and has become a common sight both on television and in nightclubs around the country. However, it wasn’t always this way. Poker once had a rather dubious status and was often associated with illegal games held behind closed doors.

From Secret Games to Legal Events

In fact, poker was not legalized in Sweden until 2007. Prior to that, all games involving bets were considered illegal lotteries under the law. Therefore, secret games held in basements, back rooms, and other hidden places around the country were common. Many of these games were pure social events, but there were also those who used poker to make money in an illegal way.

But everything changed in 2007. The government decided to make poker legal, and a new gambling law was introduced that made it possible to organize tournaments and play for money in a completely legal way. This led to an increasing number of tournaments and events popping up around the country.

A New Era for Poker in Sweden

When poker became legal, a whole new world of opportunities opened up for poker players in Sweden. More and more people started to play and compete at a more serious level, and a true poker boom emerged in the country. Swedish players began to appear more and more on the international poker scene and became known for their skill and aggressive playing style.

One of the biggest steps in the development of Swedish poker came when Viktor Blom, also known as “Isildur1”, broke through on the international poker scene. Blom, who comes from Uddevalla, is one of the most successful Swedish poker players of all time and has won millions of dollars playing online poker.

The Future of Swedish Poker

Swedish poker has come a long way since the first secret games were held in hidden locations around the country. Today, there are a multitude of different tournaments and events organized in Sweden, and many Swedish poker players have become famous all over the world for their skill and aggressive playing style.

Although there are still some who are skeptical of poker and its place in society, the sport has become increasingly accepted in Sweden. And with new generations of poker players emerging every year, it is likely that Swedish poker will continue to thrive for many years to come.

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