Three Fantastic Spa Destinations in Sweden

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Yasuragi in Nacka

Yasuragi is more than just a spa; it is a Japanese oasis located in Nacka, just outside Stockholm. This unique retreat combines the scenic beauty of Sweden with authentic Japanese bath culture. Visitors can indulge in traditional baths, participate in guided meditations, and enjoy meals inspired by the Japanese k┼Źno culture. The architecture enhances the meditative atmosphere, creating the perfect environment for both rejuvenation and self-reflection.

Upper House Spa in Gothenburg

Located at the top of the Gothia Towers, Upper House Spa is a luxurious getaway with one of the best views in Gothenburg. The spa is famous for its Turkish hamam ritual, offering deep cleansing and relaxation. Situated on the hotel’s highest floors, guests can swim in a glass-enclosed pool area with panoramic city views. For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, private spa suites with personalized spa services are available. If you’re traveling from New York, you can plan your trip conveniently via Avionero.

Selma City Spa in Uppsala

Selma City Spa in Uppsala offers a unique mix of urban relaxation and wellness. Their year-round open rooftop pool allows guests to swim under the open sky right in the city center. The spa is also known for its creative events like “After Work Spa,” where guests can enjoy relaxing treatments accompanied by live music, creating a perfect balance between relaxation and entertainment.

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