The High Coast: A Journey Through Time and Nature

The High Coast, located in Västernorrland, is one of the most impressive scenic areas in Sweden. With its high mountains, deep valleys, and pristine forests, this area is perfect for adventurers, nature lovers, and history enthusiasts. Nature The High Coast has a highly varied geology, and one of the most impressive sights is its high […]

A Journey through Sarek National Park – Discover the Wilderness Surrounding Sweden’s Highest Mountain

Sarek National Park is one of Sweden’s most untouched and unexplored places. Located in the north of the country, it stretches over almost 2,000 square kilometers and is home to some of the highest mountains in Sweden, including Kebnekaise. The park is known for its dramatic peaks, glaciers, wild rivers, and hidden valleys. In addition […]

Kolmarden Zoo

Kolmarden Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the Nordic region and one of the most popular attractions in Sweden. Located in the beautiful landscape near Braviken outside of Norrkoping, this park is home to a large collection of animals from around the world, including lions, elephants, tigers, gorillas, zebras, and many more. The […]

Child Friendly Zoo’s in Sweden

Child-friendly zoos are a fantastic excursion opportunity for the whole family. Visiting zoos is an experience that both children and adults can appreciate. Sweden has a large selection of zoos that are perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway. Here are some of the best child-friendly zoos in Sweden. Kolmården Wildlife Park Kolmården Wildlife […]

Helsingborg – A Guide to the Best Sights and Activities

Helsingborg is a charming city on the shores of the Öresund, offering plenty of sights and activities. In this guide, we will explore some of the highlights of the city and provide tips on what to see and do during your visit. Helsingborg Castle Helsingborg Castle is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Built […]

The Secrets Behind Booking the Cheapest Hotel Every Time

Booking a hotel can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right strategy and a little planning, you can always find the cheapest hotel. In this article, we reveal the secrets behind booking the cheapest hotel every time. Be an Early Bird One of the most important factors […]

Where Swedes want to live

Sweden is a country with a variety of beautiful and exciting cities, and it is no surprise that many people from around the world want to move here. There are many factors that can influence where you want to move to in Sweden, such as job opportunities, housing costs, environment, and culture. Here is a […]

Swedish Sports Arenas – A Tour of the Country’s Iconic Arenas

Sweden has a rich sporting tradition and has been the host of several international championships and competitions over the years. The country’s sports arenas have played a central role in these events and are an important part of Swedish sports culture. In this article, we will take a tour of some of Sweden’s most famous […]

Sveriges stift and församlingar: An Insight into the Country’s Ecclesiastical Organization

Sweden is a country with a long and rich church history. Ever since Christianity was introduced in the 9th century, the church has played a central role in Swedish society. Today, Sweden’s ecclesiastical organization is divided into stift (dioceses) and församlingar (parishes), which serve as the foundation for organizing and managing the church’s activities. In […]

Explore Sweden’s Second Largest Lake and its Surroundings

In the heart of Sweden lies the majestic lake Vättern, the country’s second largest lake and a natural treasure that offers breathtaking landscapes, cultural landmarks, and abundant opportunities for recreation. The area surrounding Vättern is a paradise for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. In this article, we will take you on a journey […]

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