Counties of Sweden, Population, and Area

CountyPopulationArea (km²)
Stockholm County2,377,0816,519
Västra Götaland County1,700,26823,942
Skåne County1,364,94311,034
Östergötland County461,58310,717
Jönköping County366,90310,483
Västmanland County275,2785,143
Kronoberg County201,4688,458
Norrbotten County249,78997,207
Västerbotten County271,70055,335
Halland County336,4325,545

This table presents the counties of Sweden, their population, and their area in square kilometers. Stockholm County has the highest population with approximately 2,377,081 residents and covers an area of 6,519 square kilometers. Västra Götaland County has the largest area with 23,942 square kilometers and a population of around 1,700,268. Please note that these figures may vary over time and should be used as a general reference.

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